Gazpacho's virginity lies in stale bread, not tomatoes


A couple of days it was the American concept that had been tainting the purity of sushi and now it is the Italian Gazpacho that is been taken up by the Americans as if it were their hamburger or whimsical sandwich. New York Times writes about the variation that takes place in American appetizers as Americans lay Gazpacho as ketchup over tostadas, croissants, pizza and even lattes.

The variegated Gazpacho along with its regional variation has made the original bread soup with olive oil, vinegar and water a passe. The passe has come along with the incorporation of tomatoes into the soup after the discovery of the New World. Gazpacho was then refined over the time until it became a bowl of rich flavors after the latest addition of shallot, Serrano chili, Champagne vinegar, a variety of different tomatoes and bread. The point here is that the original Gazpacho has passed through so many ingredients and flavors that many chefs have forgotten the Andalusian concoction made of the poor man’s bread.

If Americans are gutsy enough to spread a soup on bread then they must be innovative enough to use the original stale bread soup without tomatoes for the consumers, who are searching for new flavors in old stuff…with Gazpacho the virginity of bread calls for separation from the refinements.

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